Ed Gerck, Ph.D.
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From Goedel's incompleteness theorems we know that in mathematics, even if just arithmetic, there are statements that are true yet unprovable.  Thus, it is possible that physics in general and quantum mechanics in particular, being a system based not on human discovery and classification but on Nature, can play a role where mathematics cannot -- and be informative to mathematics, including computation, cybersecurity, and cryptography, as well as other disciplines.

(Gerck, 1997) "Trust is that which is essential to a communication channel, but cannot be transferred using that channel." This definition provides a mathematical framework for cybersecurity, including human trust (eg, as expected fulfillment of behavior) and trust between humans and machines (eg, as qualified information based on factors independent of that information). Search keyword: gerck trust

Quantum physics and data (absent of matter).

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